Moving data away from Google

I kept running into issues or limitations with Google cloud services. Features would be disabled, or I was after specific functionality that was not provided. I looked into self-hosted solutions, and found out about services like Nextcloud. It snowballed pretty quickly from there.

The whole idea is to move all personal data away from Google’s vast cloud. I can now host my data on my own server. The majority of this revolves around Nextcloud, which synchronises all my files, calendar & contacts between devices (desktop, laptop and mobile phone) as well as being able to access all of this online.

Calendars & Contacts

Nextcloud has a CalDAV/CardDAV interface, which is the standard protocol used for calendars & contacts. Pairing this with DAVdroid, I have two-way synchronisation between my server and my mobile phone. I can use any calendar or contact application on my Android phone and DAVdroid will provide the interface. There is also a web interface for viewing/editing my calendars & contacts, which comes in pretty handy.

File Syncing

There is also an interface for syncing and sharing files. There is native desktop syncing application for Windows/Linux/OS X as well as native phone application for Android & iOS. There is also a web interface if I need to quickly download something and don’t have my phone/computer nearby.

Note: Nextcloud is a fork of Owncloud, and Nextcloud do not yet have a desktop application, so I am still using Owncloud’s desktop application.


I’m fairly certain that most of the above applications have iOS equivalents.

Replacement Matrix

Service/App Replacement
AOSP CyanogenMod
Google Play Store F-Droid
GMail Client K-9 Mail
Calendar/Contacts Syncing DAVdroid
Google Drive Nextcloud

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