Open Source

OpenCV on Arch Linux

Computer vision seems to be an interesting field to explore in. This is a simple tutorial on how to get OpenCV up and running on Arch Linux. A short C++ program is provided to confirm that OpenCV was successfully installed and compilation with OpenCV libraries actually works. To keep it simple, the provided code is quite minimal and will only load a picture, convert it to grayscale and then display both pictures in two separate windows.

Moving data away from Google

I kept running into issues or limitations with Google cloud services. Features would be disabled, or I was after specific functionality that was not provided. I looked into self-hosted solutions, and found out about services like Nextcloud. It snowballed pretty quickly from there. The whole idea is to move all personal data away from Google’s vast cloud. I can now host my data on my own server. The majority of this revolves around Nextcloud, which synchronises all my files, calendar & contacts between devices (desktop, laptop and mobile phone) as well as being able to access all of this online.